Stylish Sun-Control Motorized Screens Reduce Energy For Homes

Stylish Sun-Control Motorized Screens Reduce Energy For Homes

Living in a warmer climate naturally inspires you to want to spend more time outside. However, the sun-soaking lifestyle does come with a few downsides.

If you’re constantly sitting outside, insects could pose of problem. Not only are they annoying, but they could also be dangerous if they carry the West Nile Virus. There’s also the safety element to consider, especially if you have children. They need a safe area to catch the sun and play, but without the risk that they will wander too far. The best way to ensure this level of safety is to consider a survey of your property for the installation of porches and enclosures as well as screens for your windows.

Screenmobile of NorthShore offers an ideal solution and can even add a little value to your home into the bargain. Screenmobile specializes in creating modern, quality motorized sunscreens, awnings and porch enclosures which help to protect your home and can even save you money on your energy bills.

Owner, Alfonso Patlan offers “sunscreens and awnings have now moved into the future. They aren’t just flimsy metal structures that quickly warp in the sun anymore. Our range of motorized sunscreens and enclosures help to shade you from the sun with a sturdy frame and beautiful bespoke design. Their motorized functions also make them ideal for creating fast flexibility as you are able to remove them or create more or less shade based on the sun’s position without any extra effort.”

The surrounding sunscreens shade your windows from extra sunlight and the enclosures give you the opportunity to keep your windows open for longer without letting bugs in. This maximizes the airflow in your home, reducing the amount of energy needed to fuel air conditioning units of large fans. Some homes have even reduced their energy consumption by up to 50% in hot weather.

Screenmobile has been developing outstanding quality sunscreens and other outdoor aesthetic and practical devices for over 40 years across 110 locations worldwide. They have recently launched a range of fantastic new designs in the Chicago area with varied colors and materials to give you a screen or awning that perfectly matches your home and style. On top of that, they’ll deliver it completely free of charge and install it using professionals. It’s a cost-effective way to renovate your outdoor area and give you more space for entertaining.

If you’re interested in a motorized sunscreen, awning or porch enclosure, visit the Screenmobile of NorthShore website for more information on their exciting products and professional services.

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