Oriental Rug Gallery Business Grows To Service More Cities

J&J Oriental Rug Gallery Business Grows To Service More Cities

J & J Oriental Rug Gallery is a specialist Oriental rug company that restores, cleans and repairs Oriental rugs. They are based in Alexandria, VA and have recently expanded their business from the Washington area and now include services to New York and other cities in the region.

The company has made some big alterations to their business premises. This includes expanding the area of their services to include Philadelphia, Baltimore as well as New York city.

The Head of the company, Joshua Nabatkhorian said that he wanted to provide an improved customer experience for clients looking to get their rugs cleaned or repaired. To enhance the customer experience, the company has increased the size of its parking lot and have increased the display space inside the store.

J & J Oriental have also expanded their fleet of trucks as well as taking on new employees to take care of deliveries and pickups.

Their main location for drop-off repairs is based in New York. Every Wednesday, the company goes to New York city to drop off and collect rugs that need service. This slick operation really works well for the business as well as the customers.

J & J Oriental provide a leading service within the state and are well known for their expertise. They have been providing service for many years now and have acquired high-end clients such as the Pentagon Armed Forces.

Oriental rugs are well known throughout the world for their quality and durability. In recent years, the company have decided to expand their rug collection to include superfine silks as well as woollen rugs. J & J Oriental are a serious company that have expanded the quality of their operation as well as the range of its stock.

Mr Nabatkhorian said that J & J Oriental Rug Gallery is a family business that was established in 1978 in northern Virginia. The family comes from Isfahan, Iran and has vast experience throughout the years within the Oriental rug industry. The business started out in 1978 by offering a cleaning and restoration service for Persian rugs. Since then, the company has built the business throughout the generations to achieve a high grade service for its customers that now has an impressive reputation.

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