New Programmatic Advertising Specialist Launches Services in Texas

Texas-based programmatic advertising company, Ranwell Productions has launched its services in recent months in order to help businesses achieve their advertising dreams in a more cost-effective and time saving way.

Programmatic advertising collects user data from websites using cookies to determine their shopping and spending habits. From here an advertising platform can create segments for different consumer bases and display these to keen advertisers. According to Mr Sewell, head of Ranwell Productions, this allows businesses to select advertising spaces that are most likely to attract an audience that’s relevant to their product, increasing their conversion without spending more money on advertising.

Ranwell Productions’ head Randy Sewell, states that “programmatic advertising has changed the future of the marketing business forever. For the first time, advertisers are able to access a global market of consumers which are most likely to be interested in their specific area, without spending a ton of cash capturing people whose interests don’t lie in those areas.”

Programmatic advertising is easy to use too. A website, digital billboard or other digital space offers their ad space up on a supply-side platform, displaying accurate real-time and past data regarding the types of people that normally see that space and the times that they see it.

A business can then access the platform and select an ad space relevant to their product based on the types of customers that the space is likely to generate. Using this method, there’s no need to spend hours researching different advertising spaces, you can simply select one that fits the bill.

Mr. Sewell talked about the benefits of the real-time bidding platform, stating “the way that advertising space is sold through real-time bids allows the whole market to view, at a glance, how well each space does in their area of expertise. This then creates a bidding war between different businesses for the most beneficial space to display their ad. In this way, the spaces get sold at a price relevant to their value and bidders will only pay what they can afford for advertising. There’s no loser here.”

Now, like never before it’s been made possible for businesses to advertise space globally and reach a relevant audience to increase conversion without having to have a full-time marketing team conducting constant research. It even works well for smaller, local businesses in San Antonio, Texas if accessing digital billboard marketing space as it helps them to bring local interested customers to their shops or showrooms.

If you’ve been struggling to attract the right people to your business or you’re spending over the odds on advertising, then programmatic advertising is the ideal solution. Ranwell Productions is ready and waiting to help you discover your perfect advertising spaces and gather more information on your selected target audience. To arrange a conversation or get started on your programmatic advertising journey, take a look at the Ranwell Solutions website, or get in touch now.


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